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ignore [<nick>] [ [-|+|^]<levels>]
ignore [<user@host>] [ [-|+|^]<levels)>]
ignore [<nick!user@host>] [ [-|+|^]<levels>]
ignore [<channel>] [ [-|+|^]<levels>]
ignore [<refnum>] [ [-|+|^]<levels>]
ignore [<something>] [<levels>] [REASON “<reason>”]
ignore [<something>] [<levels>] [REASON “<reason>”]


The IGNORE command arranges for unwanted messages you get from IRC to be handled quietly, without any display to your windows.

Each IGNORE rule ignores a thing against one or more levels. You can ignore another person on irc (using a wildcard pattern that matches their nick!user@host). You can ignore a server (such as a network service), and you can ignore a channel. You can ignore levels for messages from that person, server, or channel.

For example, you could ignore MSGs from a person who is bugging you, or you could ignore JOINs and PARTSs from a channel that you don't care about who is on the channel.

IGNORE rules can overlap each other (for example, *!*@*.net *!*foobar@*, which permits layered handling. The IGNORE rule that “wins” is the longest one (wildcard chars do not count). So if you got a message from hop!, it would match the first rule. And if you got a message from bloop!, it would match the second one (even though it matches both patterns, the second one is longer)

Using IGNORE with no arguments displays your ignore list. This will include an ignore reference number, the pattern being ignored/highlighted, and the type of messages that shall be ignored/highlighted. Optionally, a ignore reason and timeout may be included.

Most, but not every ignore level works with channels.

When you are trying to remove an ignore, you must specify the pattern exactly as it appears in your ignore list. “Approximate” patterns will be treated as NEW patterns and will not supersede existing patterns.

Message Types:

See the levels help page for details.

Special Message Types:

These are not really message types, but they can be used in your message types list. REASON “<arg>” Set a reason you're ignoring the person. TIMEOUT <number> Automatically cancel the message after <number> seconds.


To ignore everything from foobar:

    /ignore foobar all

To ignore everything except public conversation from foobar:

    /ignore foobar all -publics

To ignore all NOTICEs except those from foobar's site:

    /ignore * notices
    /ignore *!*@* ^notices

To remove *!*foobar@* from your ignore list:

    /ignore *!*foobar@* none
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