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 +[[xquote]] //[see flags below]// <​rfc1459-statement>​
 +The [[xquote]] command sends <​rfc1459-statement>​ directly to the current
 +server without any interpretation or formatting. ​ In EPIC4 and some
 +older versions of EPIC5, you are not permitted to quote the [[ISON]],
 +[[NICK]], [[SERVER]], or [[userhost command|USERHOST]] protocol
 +commands, and [[xquote|quoting]] the [[QUIT]] or [[WHO]] command results
 +in a warning. ​ In the current version of EPIC5, there are no
 +restrictions on what you may send to the server.
 +| -a            | Send to all servers which are open and registered. ​ This argument overrules -s and must be specified last. |
 +| -s <​servdesc>​ | Send to server <​refnum>​ instead of the current server. ​ If this server is not open, this is an error and nothing is sent. |
 +| -u            | Pass <​rfc1459-statement>​ through $[[urldecode]]() before sending. ​ You can send binary data to the server this way. |
 +| --            | End option processing. ​ The <​rfc1459-statement>​ begins immediately after this option. |
 +To send a PRIVMSG to foo on server #2:
 +      xquote -s 2 PRIVMSG foo :text of message
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