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 +# $EPIC: window_toplines.txt,​v 1.3 2006/08/20 18:32:13 sthalik Exp $
 +[[window]] toplines [<​lines>​]
 +This operation reserves <​lines>​ nonscrollable lines at the top of a 
 +window'​s display for display of the [[window topline|window'​s toplines]].
 +Each window has 9 toplines, so <​lines>​ must be 0 to 9.  You are permitted
 +to change any window topline at any time, even if the topline is not visible.
 +Toplines are often used for topic bars, or for showing vital stats about
 +the window'​s current channel that should remain static on the display.
 +This operation first appeared in EPIC5-0.0.3
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