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 +#$EPIC: window_discon.txt,​v 1.4 2009/08/13 04:25:48 jnelson Exp $
 +[[window]] discon
 +This sets the window'​s server to "​NOSERV",​ which means it is not associated
 +with a server. ​ It will not receive any output unless you [[xecho]] to it.
 +In the past, windows did not have strong associations with their server, and
 +if their server was disconnected,​ they would jump ship and try to attach
 +themselves to another server. ​ Failing that, they would disassociate
 +themselves from any server. ​ Then you could use [[reconnect command|reconnect]]
 +to re-associate it with it's "most recent server"​.
 +All of that nonsense is gone now, and this command does the same thing that
 +[[window noserv]] has always done -- a window that is disconnected has no
 +server association and will never associate with a server until you do a
 +[[window server]].
 +This operation first appeared in EPIC4pre1.028. \\
 +This operation was unified with [[window noserv]] in EPIC5-0.0.2.
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