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 +# $EPIC: window_create.txt,​v 1.3 2008/07/28 05:15:51 jnelson Exp $
 +[[window]] create
 +This command creates a new physical screen. ​ Depending on the programs
 +you are using, this physical screen may take one of two manifestations.
 +A physical screen is a container of one or more windows plus an input
 +line.  When you create a new physical screen, it also creates a new 
 +window and puts that window in the new screen.
 +The first type of physical screen supported is under GNU Screen. ​ The
 +'​screen'​ program is a popular way to multiplex multiple programs into
 +one login session, and have those programs continue running when you
 +log out.  If you run the client under screen, then [[window create]] will
 +create a new screen you can switch to (via ^A-<​number>​).
 +The second type of physical screen supported is under X Window. ​ If you
 +are not sure if you are running X Window, but you are running with a
 +graphical desktop called "​KDE"​ or "​GNOME",​ you are using X.  When you 
 +run the client under X, then [[window create]] will create a new terminal
 +you can place on your desktop.
 +If you are running under both X and Screen at the same time (as you may
 +be doing if you are using KDE on your desktop and you're using ssh to 
 +log into a remote host where you are running screen to run the client all the
 +time), and you're using a version of the client before EPIC4-1.1.14,​ you 
 +should try to unset the STY or DISPLAY environment variables before you 
 +start the client or it may not be able to function properly.
 +Since EPIC4-1.1.14 there is a new /[[SET]], [[set wserv_type]] which
 +you can set to either the value **SCREEN** or **XTERM**, which controls
 +which type of screen you want to create.
 +If you try to create a new XTERM screen, your client needs to be able to 
 +connect to the X server given in your DISPLAY environment variable,
 +or [[window create]] will fail.
 +Before EPIC4-1.1.3,​ it was required that all screens be exactly the same 
 +height and width. ​ This was pretty unfriendly and caused things to be 
 +unreliable. ​ It's recommended you upgrade to a newer client for best 
 +results with this feature.
 +This command might not be available if the person who compiled the client
 +#​undef'​ined WINDOW_CREATE in config.h. ​ It is #​define'​d by default so this
 +would have been a conscious decision by that person.
 +This operation first appeared in ircII-2.2
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