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 +# $EPIC: version_function.txt,​v 1.4 2007/02/13 06:05:45 jnelson Exp $
 +$[[version]](<​server desc>)
 +This function is obsolete. ​ Back when scripters had to deal with a wide
 +variety of incomaptable servers, such as 2.7 (pre-rfc), 2.8 (rfc), ​
 +u2.8 (undernet), 2.9 (ircnet), u2.9 (ts-undernet),​ and so forth, it was
 +necessary for scripters to adapt their behavior based on the server type
 +they were using.
 +As the number of server classes multiplied, and the mainstream servers
 +matured, the 005 ("​capability"​) system was invented that mooted the need
 +to know what server class you were using. ​ The server now tells you what
 +features it supports, and the scripts work directly off of that.
 +This function should not be used in any new scripts. EPIC5 does not
 +support and does not work with 2.7 servers, so it's assumed that all 
 +servers at least are pretending to be 2.8-class servers.
 +If you need to know the exact version string, use 
 +[[serverctl]](GET <​serverdesc>​ VERSION).
 +If you need to know if a server supports a certain capability, use
 +[[serverct]](GET <​serverdesc>​ 005 <​capability>​)
 +Always returns the string "​2.8"​
 +The [[version]] function first appeared in EPIC2pre3
 +The [[version]] function was deprecated in EPIC5-0.0.2
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