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 +# $EPIC: utime_function.txt,​v 2006/07/11 04:57:43 jnelson Exp $
 +$__time__() \\
 +These functions return the current time in utc format. ​ The only
 +difference between the two is that $__time__() is accurate to the second,
 +while $__utime__() is accurate to the microsecond. ​ Neither function takes
 +any arguments.
 +Both functions return a long unsigned integer representing the number
 +of seconds since 18:00, 31 December 1969, which can be parsed into a
 +human-readable format by $[[stime]](). ​ In addition, $utime() returns an
 +additional integer, representing the number of microseconds past the
 +first number that the current time is.
 +utc time, plus number of microseconds past utc time for $__utime__()
 +$time() ​     might return "​850381369"​
 +$utime() ​    might return "​850381369 56367",​ which is "​850381369.056367"​
 +======See Also:======
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