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 +# $EPIC: umask.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/20 17:37:08 sthalik Exp $
 +This function sets the default file umask used when creating and writing
 +files with EPIC's builtin file functions. ​ The umask sets the permission
 +bits to block when writing. ​ Essentially,​ the resultant permission bits
 +would be the default minus the umask.
 +This function is used to set the default file permissions. ​ The $[[chmod]]()
 +function is affected by it.
 +previous umask, or nothing if no new umask is given
 +$umask(77) ​                sets default permissions to 700
 +$umask(2) ​                 sets default permissions to 775
 +$umask() ​                  ​error,​ no mask, returns nothing
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