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 +# $EPIC: silence.txt,​v 1.2 2006/08/20 16:57:01 sthalik Exp $
 +__silence__ [[+|-]<​nick!user@host>​]
 +__silence__ [<​nick>​]
 +__SILENCE__ is a server extension available on undernet servers. ​ Its
 +purpose is similar to [[IGNORE]], and acts as a complement, and not a
 +replacement to [[IGNORE]].
 +When you __SILENCE___ someone, every server on the network is told that
 +you do not want to receive any messages from that person. ​ Whenever that
 +person tries to send you any more messages, his local server will drop 
 +the message directly at the source. ​ This saves you the trouble of having
 +to receive the message and process it with [[IGNORE]], and it saves the
 +network the resources of sending a message that you do not want.  This
 +technique can be very effective against flooders.
 +If you do not provide an argument to __SILENCE__ your current silence
 +list will be shown.
 +The argument of __SILENCE__ may be a plus ('​+'​) or a minus ('​-'​) followed
 +by a full nick!user@host pattern which is of the same composition as a ban 
 +([[MODE]] +b), except that at least one '​*'​ wildcard must be used.  If the
 +prefix is a plus, the pattern is added to your silence list.  If the prefix
 +is a minus, the pattern is removed from your silence list.
 +The argument of __SILENCE__ may be the nickname of another irc user.  You
 +will be shown that user's silence list.  This can be useful in case you 
 +wanted to know if you or someone else are being silenced by that person.
 +This command will only work on servers with the __SILENCE__ extension ​
 +(mostly undernet servers) and the number of entries in your __SILENCE__
 +list is limited, usually to 5 entries. ​ __SILENCE__ is not a replacement
 +for [[IGNORE]] since [[IGNORE]] offers finer-grained control and is not
 +limited in size.
 +   ​+<​pattern> ​  add a pattern to your silence list
 +   ​-<​pattern> ​  ​remove a pattern from your silence list
 +To add someone to your silence list:
 +      /silence +*!*jerk@*
 +To remove someone from your silence list:
 +      /silence -*!*friend@*
 +To see the silence list for FooBar:
 +      /silence foobar
 +This command is limited to Undernet-based servers (i.e. it won't work on
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