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 +======Process Signals Relevant to the Operation of EPIC======
 +EPIC's behavior can be controlled (to an extent) from the Unix command line
 +via signals. ​ The following signals have notable affects on the client:
 +   ​SIGSEGV ​  cause the client to dump core, if compiled with EPIC_DEBUG
 +   ​SIGTERM ​  cause the client to immediately,​ but gracefully, exit
 +   ​SIGKILL ​  cause the client to die immediately,​ no cleanup
 +   ​SIGUSR1 ​  cause the client to close all DCC connections and any EXECed
 +             ​processes that are still active
 +Typically, these signals are delivered with kill(1). ​ The client'​s process
 +id (PID) must be known to send it a signal. ​ The PID may be obtained with the
 +ps(1) command, or other utilities that display running processes. ​ The basic
 +form would be:
 +   % kill -USR1 <PID>
 +Refer to your system'​s manual pages for more information.
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