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 +[[set]] status_hold_lines [<​text>​]
 +This variable sets the string displayed in the status bar when the current
 +window has [[window hold_mode|HOLD_MODE]] set, and there are queued lines
 +waiting to be displayed. ​ This variable displays the number of lines held (in
 +multiples of 10).  If no lines are being held, nothing is displayed.
 +This string is represented by **%B** in the [[set status_format|STATUS_FORMAT]]
 +string. ​ It will expand inside __STATUS_HOLD_LINES__ to the number of lines
 +Setting the appearance of the string:
 + /set status_hold_lines %B
 +======Other Notes:​======
 +When lines are held, the client will activate this setting and the [[set status
 +hold|STATUS_HOLD]] setting.
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