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 +# $EPIC: set_old_server_lastlog_level.txt,​v 1.3 2006/08/30 21:02:47 sthalik Exp $
 +[[set]] old_server_lastlog_level [[-]<​level>​ [[-]<​level>​ ...]]
 +So let's say you are connected to two servers in two windows. ​ Each window
 +probably has level ALL (the customary default). ​ Then you go to window 2 
 +and connect it to server 1, so that both windows are now connected to 
 +server 1.  But the problem is both windows have level ALL, and you can't
 +have duplicate levels on windows connected to the same server.
 +This setting controls which levels the "​new"​ window gets to keep when it is
 +moved to a server that is already connected. ​ These levels are stolen from
 +any other windows that are already connected to the server. ​ The default
 +value is NONE, which is probably the only sensible value.
 +When this [[SET]] is cleared (set -old_server_lastlog_level),​ the
 +feature is disabled. Be careful, though, as this will lead to level
 +See [[SET LASTLOG_LEVEL]] for more info about levels.
 +[[SET]] __OLD_SERVER_LASTLOG_LEVEL__ firat appeared in EPIC5-0.0.3.
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