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 +[[set]] notify [on|off|toggle]
 +When turned on, the client will periodically poll all of the servers for the 
 +status of all of the nicks in your [[notify]] list.  The interval between
 +these polls is [[set notify_intervall]] seconds.
 +If, during a poll, the status of a nickname has changed (it was previously
 +online, but is now offline, or it was previously offline, but it is now 
 +online), then either [[on notify_signon]] or [[on notify_signoff]] will be
 +hooked, as the case may be.
 +If this value is turned off, the client will never poll your connected servers
 +about the nicks in your [[notify]] list and you will not be notified when
 +a nickname enters or leaves irc.
 +This variable first appeared in EPIC4-1.1.13.
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