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 +[[set]] lastlog_level ​           [[-]<​level>​ [[-]<​level>​ ...]]
 +[[set]] new_server_lastlog_level [[-]<​level>​ [[-]<​level>​ ...]]
 +The first setting controls the type(s) of information that EPIC will store
 +in its lastlog buffer. Any single message type, or any combination,​
 +may be used. If a type is prepended with a '​-',​ messages of that type
 +are explicitly not saved (useful with the ALL type). Message types
 +may be abbreviated unambiguously.
 +The second setting controls the same type(s) of information as the first
 +but only for the lastlog level set after a /[[window server]] operation. So
 +after such an operation, the lastlog level of the concerned window will be
 +changed to the value of this setting. When this [[SET]] is cleared (/set
 +-new_server_lastlog_level),​ this feature is disabled.
 +|  actions ​      ​|public and private [[CTCP ACTION]] messages ​ |
 +|  ctcp          |[[CTCP]] messages (except ACTION and DCC)  |
 +|  dcc           ​|[[DCC]] messages ​ |
 +|  msgs          |[[MSG]] messages ​ |
 +|  notes         ​|[[NOTE]] messages (not supported on all servers) ​ |
 +|  notices ​      ​|[[NOTICE]] messages ​ |
 +|  opnotes ​      ​|operator broadcast messages ​ |
 +|  public ​       |public channel messages ​ |
 +|  snotes ​       |anything hooked by the [[on SERVER_NOTICE|SERVER_NOTICE]] hook  |
 +|  userlog1 - 4  |reserved for the user (available with [[XECHO]]) ​ |
 +|  walls         |WALL messages (deprecated,​ no servers support it)  |
 +|  wallops ​      |[[on WALLOP|WALLOP]] messages ​ |
 +|  crap          |everything else (channel joins/​parts,​ mode changes...) ​ |
 +|  all           |all of the above  |
 +|  none          |none of the above  |
 +To log everything except server and operator notices:
 + /set lastlog_level all -opnotes -snotes
 +Message type names may only be abbreviated when including the type. The
 +full name must be given when excluding the type with a '​-'​.
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