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 +[[set]] indent [on|off|toggle]
 +When turned on, long lines will be wrapped such that they are indented
 +to the same position as the second word on the first line.  Subsequent
 +wrapping of the same line will be indented to the same place.
 +If [[set CONTINUED_LINE|CONTINUED_LINE]] is also set, the client will pad the
 +wrapped portions of the line with the [[set CONTINUED_LINE|CONTINUED_LINE]]
 +contents, unless [[set CONTINUED_LINE|CONTINUED_LINE]] happens to be longer
 +than the indented space. ​ [[set CONTINUED_LINE|CONTINUED_LINE]] will not be
 +truncated in this event; it is either displayed in full, or not at all.
 +The client will never indent a line more than one-third the width of
 +the screen when __INDENT__ is enabled.
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