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 +[[set]] dcc_sliding_window [<​number>​]
 +The [[DCC]] specification requires that data cannot be sent via a 
 +[[DCC SEND]] connection until all previous data have been acknowledged
 +by the receiver. ​ For high latency/​high bandwidth connections
 +(ie, anything faster than 28.8k), this can have serious consequences
 +on throughput because at least half of the time the connection is idle
 +waiting for an acknowledgement to be returned. ​ Although strict conformance
 +to the [[DCC]] specification requires that this value be set to 1 (and it is,
 +as the default), there are no technical impediments to sending more than 
 +one packet of data at a time, and real world experience bears this out.
 +Significant gains in throughput can be achieved by setting this value to
 +two (2).  Values of 3 or more get modest gains compared to the next lower 
 +value. ​ You can set <​number>​ to be arbitrarily high because EPIC will 
 +never send a packet of data if sending that packet will block. ​ Thus, 
 +setting this value to an absurdly high value (such as 1,000) will yield 
 +optimal throughput.
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