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 +[[sendline]] <​text>​
 +The [[sendline]] command submits <​text>​ to the command processor without
 +any further $-expansion (as contrasted with [[eval]])
 +If <​text>​ begins with a slash ("/"​),​ then <​text>​ is taken to be a command.  ​
 +If <​text>​ does not begin with a slash, then <​text>​ is taken to be a message
 +that should be sent to the current window'​s current target.  ​
 +Ordinarily, when the user presses <​enter>,​ that invokes the [[bind send_line]]
 +operation, which throws [[on input]]. ​ Ordinarily, if you hook [[on input]],
 +then you must use [[sendline]] to submit the input line for processing. ​ If
 +you don't do this, then the user would be unable to do anything at the input
 +The [[sendline]] command first appeared in ircII.
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