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 +=====EPIC Scripts=====
 +By itself, EPIC is a faithful replacement for ircII, which is very bare-bones. ​ Consequently,​ EPIC is generally used in conjunction with a script - an EPIC script creates a different, more complete user experience.
 +This page contains links to some scripts that you may want to consider. Every script pack is different, because every user is different. ​ Try a few and see what you like! Most scripts are very tweakable to suit your needs.
 +=====Scripts for EPIC5=====
 +  * Amnesiac: http://​​
 +  * Darkstar: http://​​~brian/​darkstar/​
 +  * LiCe5: https://​​
 +=====Scripts for EPIC4=====
 +There are a few scripts for EPIC4, unfortunately,​ most (if not all) of them are __no longer maintained or supported__. ​ Google is probably your best bet at this point.
 +The previous repository for epic4 scripts was a third party website that was compromised by bad guys.
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