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 +# $EPIC: save.txt,v 1.3 2007/02/17 18:41:08 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] save \\
 +[[save]] //-append// //-alias// //-assign// //-bind// //-notify// //-on// //-server// //-set// //-all// filename
 +The [[save]] command marshalls your configuration into a string and writes it
 +to a file so it can be restored later by [[load]]ing it.
 +Normally the [[save]] command will delete the //filename// before writing 
 +to it, unless you specify the optional //-append// flag.
 +The [[save]] command can only save one thing at a time:
 +^ Flag ^ What it saves ^
 +| -alias  | All of your [[alias]]es |
 +| -assign | All of your [[assign]] global variables |
 +| -bind   | All of your key [[bind]]ings |
 +| -notify | All of your [[notify]] nicknames |
 +| -on     | All of your [[on]] event callback hooks |
 +| -server | The servers on your [[server]] list |
 +| -set    | All of your [[set]] configuration values |
 +| -all    | All of the above at once |
 +You can restore the saved settings by [[load]]ing the file you saved to.
 +The [[save]] script was written for EPIC5 by blackjac, to replace the 
 +builtin save command.
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