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 +# $EPIC: revdcc.txt,​v 1.2 2007/02/20 03:54:29 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] revdcc \\
 +revsend //<​nickname>//​ //<​filename>//​ \\
 +revget //<​nickname>//​ //<​filename>//​ \\
 +revclose //<​nickname>//​ //<​filename>//​
 +They said it couldn'​t be done.
 +They were wrong.
 +This script allows those who are behind firewalls to send files to someone
 +who is not behind a firewall. ​ If both you and the receiver are behind ​
 +firewalls, this won't work for you.
 +This script uses the client'​s builtin tcp socket capabilities to establish
 +a connection between the receiver (who does the bind) and the sender (who
 +does the connect). ​ The sender uuencodes the file and pipes the encoded ​
 +data over the socket to the receiver, who uudecodes and writes it to a file.
 +This script was written by archon and first appeared in epic3.001.
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