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 +#$EPIC: repeat_command.txt,​v 1.4 2006/08/19 06:07:20 sthalik Exp $
 +__repeat__ (<​count>​) <​command>​ \\
 +__repeat__ <​count>​ <​command>​
 +This command repeatedly executes <​command>​ <​count>​ number of times.
 +If <​count>​ is enclosed in parenthesis,​ it is evaluated as a mathematical
 +expression (ala ${...}), and if it is not, it is evaluated as regular text.
 +To very boldly display the time each hour:
 +      on ^timer "??:​00*"​ {
 +         ​repeat 3 echo *** The time is $0!!
 +      }
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