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 +# $EPIC: redirect.txt,​v 1.4 2006/08/29 18:33:16 sthalik Exp $
 +__redirect__ <​nick>​|*|<​channel>​|%<​process>​|=<​nick>​ <​command>​
 +Redirect sends a copy of all of the output sent to any windows connected
 +to the current server to any place you can send a [[MSG]] to (ie, an irc
 +nickname, a channel, an [[exec command|EXEC]] process, a [[DCC CHAT]],
 +etc) The first argument is a [[MSG]] list and it can contain any number
 +of targets and it's formatted like like a [[MSG]] would be.
 +__REDIRECT__ing to the special target 0 (zero) acts as a sink and throws
 +away all output.
 +Because __REDIRECT__ uses [[MSG]] to send the messages, redirected output
 +will sometimes be PRIVMSGs and sometimes be NOTICEs. ​ This is all handled
 +by the protocol enforcement and is not directly under anyone'​s control.
 +__REDIRECT__ will execute <​command>,​ and any immediate output from 
 +<​command>​ will directly be sent to the target(s). ​ If <​command>​ sends
 +any data to the server, __REDIRECT__ assumes it is a server request and
 +will CONTINUE TO FORWARD YOUR OUTPUT to the targets until a full PING
 +cycle to the server completes. ​ This can be VERY BAD especially since 
 +it is possible (and likely) that things other than just the output of 
 +<​command>​ will be forwarded to your target(s). ​ YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
 +__REDIRECT__ is synchronous. ​ It will not return until <​command>​ has 
 +completed. ​ However, if <​command>​ launches a server request, then 
 +__REDIRECT__ will return immediately but will continue redirecting
 +output to the target(s) for a full PING cycle afterwards. ​ You cannot
 +stop a __REDIRECT__ in progress!
 +It is possible to set up two clients to get into a __REDIRECT__ loop
 +with each other, if you try hard enough. ​ This is really bad, and you 
 +should try not to allow this to happen.
 +It is VERY possible that you could accidentally flood yourself off of
 +irc or annoy others by __REDIRECT__ing them something with a lot of 
 +output, such as the [[lastlog command|LASTLOG]] command.
 +All output that is redirected with this command is hooked through the [[ON
 +REDIRECT]] hook, and you can suppress redirected lines by hooking them
 +It is probably a good idea not to send (or recieve) any msgs while a
 +__REDIRECT__ is going on, as those messages will be forwarded on to 
 +whoever your __REDIRECT__ target is.  This is not a bug in EPIC, it's
 +just one of the problems with using __REDIRECT__.
 +You cannot use __REDIRECT__ in a window that is not connected to a
 +server, even if you are going to run a command that does not need a 
 +server connection and you are not going to send the output to a target
 +over irc. 
 +To send the output of a WHOIS to channel #blah:
 +      /redirect #blah whois foobar
 +To send the output of a USERHOST to a running subprocess:
 +      /redirect %finger userhost foobar
 +To send the current topic to JoeBob and JimBob:
 +      /redirect joebob,​jimbob topic #blah
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