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 +# $EPIC: ping.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/19 03:58:07 sthalik Exp $
 +__ping__ <​nickname>​
 +__ping__ <​channel>​
 +Lag is a way of life on irc.  "​Lag"​ is determined by how much time it takes
 +a message to get from the sender to the recipient. ​ The more lag, the longer
 +it takes for someone to get your messages. ​ Sometimes you want to see just
 +how long it will take for a message to get to someone else and back.  The
 +__PING__ command sends someone a specially crafted message asking them to
 +send the message back.  When you receive the message back, you can then 
 +measure the amount of time it took to come back and that will tell you how
 +much lag there is to that person.
 +This command uses the [[CTCP]] [[ctcp PING|ping]] command to do its work.
 +This command actually sends a message to the other person who will then
 +send another message back.  If the server (or network) is already overloaded
 +with traffic, this will only add to the burden. ​ [[PING]]ing people frequently
 +will make the lag worse, so be reasonable.
 +Not every client will respond to a PING request. ​ You are not guaranteed
 +to receive a reply to a PING command. ​ Some clients will mangle the PING
 +request rendering the results invalid. ​ You are not guaranteed to receive
 +an accurate reply to a PING command.
 +The PING command uses the [[CTCP]] command and so will not work from within an
 +/[[ON MSG]], /[[ON PUBLIC]], /[[ON PUBLIC_OTHER]],​ /[[ON NOTICE]], or the like.
 +To see how far away your friend booya is from you:
 +      /ping booya
 +To see how far away everyone in channel #blah is:
 +      /ping #blah
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