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 +# $EPIC: pattern.txt,​v 1.3 2007/05/15 01:28:58 jnelson Exp $
 +$__pattern__(<​pattern>​ <word list>)
 +   * If the <​pattern>​ argument is omitted the empty string is returned.
 +   * This function returns a space separated word list of all of the words in <word list> that are matched by <​pattern>​.
 +   * This is the complement to $[[filter]](),​ and the inverse of $[[rpattern]]().
 +   * Remember that the words in <word list> are [[what is a word|words]],​ so double quoted words are not honored unless you turn [[xdebug]] dword on.
 +   * The <​pattern>​ is also a [[what is a word|word]],​ so you should not put double quotes around it unless you have turned [[xdebug]] dword on.  This is an important difference from epic4.
 +   * Double quotes around words are not lost if you have [[xdebug]] dword turned on.  This is an important difference from epic4.
 +   * There is no reasonable way to support matching a <​pattern>​ that has spaces (a dword) against a word list that does not have spaces (a uword list), since by rule a uword can **never** contain a space, so it can't match. ​ It has to be all one way or the other.
 +This function lets you "​filter"​ <word list> through a pattern, keeping all
 +of the words that match the pattern and discarding all of the words that
 +do not match the pattern. ​ By appending * to a string and using this
 +function, you can quickly find all words in a word list that start with
 +a particular substring.
 +The list of words from <word list> that are matched by <​pattern>​.
 +This function first appeared in "​plus-2"​ (post-ircII,​ pre-EPIC)
 +$pattern(*oo* foobar blah booya) returns "​foobar booya"
 +$pattern(*a* hello there bob)    returns nothing
 +$pattern(irc* $myservers()) ​     returns all servers you are connected to
 +                                 that start with the string "​irc"​.
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