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 +__package__ <​name>​
 +The PACKAGE command allows a script to "​group"​ all of the [[assign]]s,​
 +[[alias command|aliases]],​ [[bind]]s, [[ON]] hooks (and [[stub]]s) under
 +a common package name. When the PACKAGE command is used, any
 +alias/​assigns/​on that are registered until the end of the file are given
 +the current package name. The package name can be changed anywhere in a
 +script, even if PACKAGE had been previously used. However, packages only
 +last until the end of the file, they never propagate upwards. Scripts
 +that are loaded by other scripts may put themselves under a different
 +package name than the one being used by the loading script. By default,
 +a script is put into the package that is currently active in the script
 +that loaded it (or * if no package is active)
 +<​name> ​        name of the package to group the current script under
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