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 +[[on]] [<​modes>​]input [<​serial#>​] [-|^]<​match>​ { <​action>​ }
 +This hook is triggered whenever a command is entered on the input line,
 +or when text is sent to a channel or query.
 +This is a very powerful mechanism of the client. ​ Used intelligently,​
 +it permits a very fine degree of control over the text entered on the
 +input line.  Used carelessly, and it can easily disable the client.
 +Use with caution.
 +If a silent hook is set, one can use a loaded script to do preprocessing
 +of the input line.
 +|$*   |text of input line entered |
 +To emulate the [[set INPUT_ALIASES|INPUT_ALIASES]] setting:
 +   on ^input "​*"​ {
 +      eval $*
 +   }
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