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 +[[on]] [<​modes>​]exit [<​serial#>​] [-|^]<​match>​ { <​action>​ }
 +This hook is triggered when the client is about to exit normally (from the
 +[[QUIT]] command, etc.). ​ It is mostly useful for doing cleanup before exiting,
 +such as saving any current settings. ​ It cannot be used to trap the [[QUIT]]
 +command; the client will exit immediately after this hook is triggered..
 +|$* | Your quit message |
 +======Default behavior:​======
 +If you do not suppress this event, the client does nothing.
 +The client immediately begins shutdown procedures no matter what
 +you do or don't do with this event.
 +Save current settings before exiting:
 +   on ^exit "​*"​ {
 +      save all
 +      echo Now exiting ircII-${J}...
 +   }
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