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 +# $EPIC: nick.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/01 05:32:26 sthalik Exp $
 +__nick__ [<new nickname>​]
 +The __NICK__ command allows you to change your nickname. ​ If you try to 
 +change to a nickname that someone else is using, you will get an error 
 +message to that effect and your nickname will be unchanged. ​ Nicknames ​
 +If you do not specify a new nickname, your current one is displayed.
 +The maximum length of nicknames is determined by the server you are using.
 +The traditional nickname length is 9 characters. ​ On dalnet type servers
 +the length is 30 characters. ​ As with all server features, it varies from
 +server to server.
 +The protocol defines as alphabetical characters the ascii characters from 
 +65 ('​A'​) through 125 ('​}'​). ​ Characters 65 through 93 are equivalent to 
 +the corresponding characters 97 through 125, as such:
 +                    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}
 +The [, \, ], (upper case) and {, |, } (lower case) letters are used as 
 +the 7-bit ascii substitutes of some european national characters, ​
 +particularly scandanavian characters. ​ It is important to note that the
 +two nicknames "​[testnick]"​ and "​{testnick}"​ are, in fact, the **SAME**
 +nickname in irc, just as "​testnick"​ and "​TESTNICK"​ are the same.
 +A nickname shall be composed of an alphabetical character (as defined)
 +followed by some number of alphanumeric characters, the total number of
 +characters not to exceed the server'​s maximum nickname size (as defined).
 +To change your nick to foobar:
 +      /nick foobar
 +To display your current nickname:
 +      /nick
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