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 +# $EPIC: netsplit.txt,​v 1.4 2007/02/22 05:07:29 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] netsplit
 +Not to engage in hyperbole, but this is the oldest and most legendary script
 +in the ircII heritage. ​ It's usage is functionally universal.
 +Normally when a netsplit occurs, your server sends you [[on quit|quit]]
 +messages for everyone on the other side of the split. ​ Then when the
 +netsplit is fixed, you get [[on join|join]] messages for everybody again.
 +This can cause a lot of scrolling. ​ This script eases the burden by 
 +tracking all netsplits and outputting **one** message per netsplit,
 +and **one** message per netjoin.
 +The facility of this script is included, somehow, in every script pack
 +ever distributed in ircII-dom.
 +This script first appeared in ircII.
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