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 +# $EPIC: msg.txt,v 1.5 2006/09/01 02:43:42 sthalik Exp $
 +__msg__ [-server/​]<​nickname>​ <text to send> \\
 +__msg__ [-server/​]<​channel>​ <text to send> \\
 +__msg__ =<dcc chat peer> <text to send> \\
 +__msg__ %<​process id|process name> <text to send> \\
 +__msg__ /<​command>​ <command arguments>​
 +The /msg command is how you send a message to someone else.  You can send a
 +message to another nick on irc, to a channel, to someone you have a [[DCC]]
 +[[dcc CHAT|CHAT]] connection open with, to an /[[exec command|exec]]'​d process, or to an
 +EPIC command. ​ You may use a comma-separated list (no spaces) to send a single
 +message to more than one recipient at a time.  You may freely mix and match
 +each of the types of targets in any way you want.
 +You may specify an another server when using /msg to send a message to a
 +nick or channel. Use the syntax ///msg -server/​nick//,​ where the
 +//server// is server'​s refnum, full name or a group.
 +There are three "​magic"​ recipients. ​ The comma (','​) recipient is the
 +last person to send you a message. ​ The period ('​.'​) recipient is the
 +last person you sent a message to.  The asterisk ('​*'​) recipient is the
 +current channel in your current window. ​ These "​magic"​ recipients may 
 +not be included with any other recipients in a comma-separated list; 
 +they must be used alone.
 +There are never any restrictions on sending a /msg to an /[[exec command|EXEC]] target,
 +a /[[DCC]] [[DCC CHAT|CHAT]] target, or an /[[alias command|ALIAS]] target.
 +However, from within an /[[ON MSG]], /[[ON PUBLIC]], /[[ON DCC_OFFER]],​
 +or any other /ON that occurs because of a "​PRIVMSG",​ the /MSG command
 +(and other commands that send PRIVMSGs, such as /[[SAY]], /[[SEND]],
 +/[[CTCP]], and /[[DCC]]) sends your message with a "​NOTICE"​. The effect
 +of this is that you cannot properly use /[[DCC CHAT]] or /[[DCC SEND]]
 +from within these /​[[ON]]'​s. ​ This requirement is specified by the irc
 +protocol and is intended to prevent infinite message loops between
 +You may not always be able to send a message to a channel. ​ If the channel
 +mode is +n, you must be a member of the channel to send a message to it.
 +If the channel mode is +m, you must be a member of the channel and also 
 +must either be a channel operator (+o) or a channel voice (+v) to send a 
 +message to it.  The [[MODE]] help page talks about this in more detail.
 +You may not always be able to send a message to multiple irc targets.  ​
 +Because of the spread of spambots/​floodbots,​ some servers restrict the 
 +number of irc targets you can send a message to in any one message. ​ As 
 +with every server restriction,​ what happens if you exceed this limit 
 +varies from server to server.
 +To send a private message to your friend Buddha:
 +      /msg buddha hi there!
 +To send a message to your current channel:
 +      /msg #channel how is everyone today?
 +To send a message to a person on a connected server "​":​
 +      /msg​booya boo!
 +To send a message to the running [[exec command|EXEC]]ed process with id 2:
 +      /msg %2 exit
 +To send a message to your friends buddha, booya (with whom you have a
 +[[DCC CHAT]] running), and channel #foobar:
 +      /msg buddha,​=booya,#​foobar see you later!
 +To send a message to an [[exec command|EXEC]]ed process named "​mail":​
 +      /msg %mail x
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