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 +__list__ [<​switch>​ [<​arg>​] [<​switch>​ [<​arg>​] ...]] [<​channel>​]
 +This query asks the server about all of the public channels that exist
 +on the current network. ​ A summary of each channel, including the channel
 +name, the number of users on the channel, and the channel'​s topic (if any)
 +will be displayed, one per line.
 +If you provide an exact channel name, then only information about that
 +channel will be returned. ​ If you provide "​*"​ as the channel name, then
 +the current window'​s current channel will be used.  Otherwise the server
 +will return the entire channel list.
 +On large public networks with many thousands of channels, using this 
 +command may be counterproductive. ​ Even the use of the filtering rules
 +before are not helpful since the client has to ask for the entire list
 +and filter out what you don't want to see.  It still all has to be sent
 +to you.  In some severe situations you can be disconnected from the server
 +if you are using a slow link.
 +Only public channels will be shown. ​ Private or secret channels will not
 +be shown in the result, unless you are actually a member of that channel
 +at the time you use the __LIST__ command.
 +You can refine the output by asking for only channels with certain
 +characteristics. ​ Except when you use the -i option on undernet servers,
 +all of this filtering is done by the client and not the server. ​ This
 +means EPIC still has to process the entire list even if you only want
 +to see a couple of channels.
 +  -min <​n> ​  shows channels with no less than n users
 +  -max <​n> ​  shows channels with no more than n users
 +  -i     Use undernet specific server-side filtering for above two
 +These options are always done on the client side even with the -i option:
 +  -public ​   shows public channels only
 +  -private ​  shows private channels only
 +  -topic ​    shows channels with a topic set
 +  -all       ​overrides any previous -public or -private switch
 +These options turn on "wide listing"​ which uses less vertical space:
 +  -wide      shows name and size using as little space as possible:
 +  -name      sort -wide list by channel name
 +  -users ​    sort -wide list by number of users per channel
 +To show channels with 3 to 15 users:
 +      /list -min 3 -max 15
 +To show public channels with "​help"​ in the name:
 +      /list -public #*help*
 +To get a concise listing of channels with over 30 users, sorted by name:
 +      /list -min 30 -wide -name
 +To see how Undernet'​s LIST works (and see below):
 +      /quote list help
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