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 +# $EPIC: less.txt,v 1.5 2007/02/17 18:41:08 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] less \\
 +[[less]] -help \\
 +[[less]] //​filename//​
 +This script creates the [[less]] alias which display a file one page at
 +a time to the current window. ​ Between each page you will be prompted to
 +press a key.  You can press '​q'​ to stop viewing the file.
 +The [[less]] alias works properly, even if you change windows while you
 +are viewing the file (ie, it won't switch windows and follow you).
 +The [[less]] alias is not re-entrant. ​ You cannot view more than one file
 +at a time.
 +This script was inspired by the [[more]] script.
 +The [[less]] script was written for EPIC3 by hop, and was inspired by the
 +[[more]] script by archon.
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