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 +# $EPIC: kick.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/01 03:55:07 sthalik Exp $
 +__kick__ *|<​channel>​ <​nickname>​ [<reason for kick>]
 +This command revokes the membership of another irc user from a channel
 +in which you are a channel operator. ​ Customarily,​ it is used to remove
 +troublemakers,​ flooders, or others who are making a nuisance of themselves.
 +You may specify a reason for the kick, and doing so is considered good 
 +style by most; however it is not required.
 +Again, you must be a channel'​s operator in order to remove other members
 +from the channel. ​ On some networks (notably the undernet), some users 
 +(users with user mode +k turned on, such as the channel service) may not 
 +be removed with the __KICK__ command.
 +From a purely technical point of view, any channel operator may remove ​
 +any channel member (including themselves) at any time for any reason ​
 +whatsoever. ​ Notwithstanding this, some channels may have structure and
 +rules governing the discretionary use of the __KICK__ command by its 
 +operators. ​ Failure to obey these rules would constitute a breach of
 +trust and you may find your friends no longer op you when you join.  ​
 +This is, as we say, "tough luck"​. ​ You should be old enough that we don't
 +have to tell you that others will treat you in the same way you treat them,
 +and picking fights with others is rude.
 +To remove foobar from channel #blah:
 +      /kick #blah foobar Go away!
 +To remove foobar from your current channel:
 +      /kick * foobar I said go away!!
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