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 +# $EPIC: iscurchan.txt,​v 2006/07/11 04:57:43 jnelson Exp $
 +$__iscurchan__(<​channel name>)
 +This function returns '​1'​ if the input channel name is the current channel
 +on any window connected to the current server.
 +This function was intended to allow more flexibility for testing the
 +current channel in an ON hook.
 +'​1'​ if <channel name> is a current channel, else returns '​0'​
 +Instead of:
 +<​file> ​  /on ^send_public * {if ([$0] == C) {...} {...}}</​file>​
 +Try doing:
 +<​file> ​  /on ^send_public * {if (iscurchan($0)) {....} {...}}</​file>​
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