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 +# $EPIC: iptoname.txt,​v 1.3 2006/08/01 03:47:40 sthalik Exp $
 +$__iptoname__(<​ip address>​) \\ 
 +These functions are used to convert an IP address to a hostname, and vice
 +versa. ​  The $__iptoname__() function returns the hostname associated with
 +the given IP address, and $__nametoip__() does the opposite.
 +These functions are used to convert between IP addresses and Internet
 +hostnames. ​ Obvious reasons aside, they are mostly useful when you know
 +which of the two the input will be.  They return nothing if the address
 +could not be converted, or if the input was invalid. ​ The $[[convert]]()
 +function should be used if the input is known to vary.
 +iptoname: hostname for the given IP address
 +nametoip: IP address for the given hostname
 +$iptoname( ​        ​probably returns "​localhost"​
 +$nametoip(localhost) ​        ​probably returns "​"​
 +$iptoname(localhost) ​        ​error,​ input is not an IP address
 +$nametoip( ​        ​error,​ input is not a hostname
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