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 +# $EPIC: info_function.txt,​v 1.2 2006/08/01 03:40:36 sthalik Exp $
 +This function returns information about how the client was compiled.
 +This function is used to fetch information stored in the client at
 +compile time.  It can be used to find out who compiled it, and when;
 +what #define options were enabled; and to get the checksums of the
 +requested information
 +c   ​user@machine that compiled client, and time of compilation
 +i   value of commit_id (incremented every time a change is made to
 +       ​epic'​s source).
 +m   if the new math parser is being used, 1, if the old math parser, 0
 +o   ​compile-time options used
 +r   the "silly name" (or, "​ridiculous name") for this release of epic.
 +s   ​binary checksums
 +v   ​client version, in the form "class major minor"
 +w   local variables (always 1)
 +$info(c) ​  might return "​Compiled by root@foobar on Fri Jan 3 1997 at 01:56:24 CST"
 +$info(i) ​  might return "​202"​
 +$info(m) ​  might return "​0"​
 +$info(o) ​  might return "​2aefgknvzc"​
 +$info(r) ​  might return "​Perspicacious"​
 +$info(s) ​  might return "​1138232081 ​     989"​
 +$info(v) ​  might return "epic4 1 0"
 +$info(w) ​  will return ​ "​1"​
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