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 +# $EPIC: hold_mode.txt,​v 1.3 2007/02/27 04:57:37 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] hold_mode \\
 +[[set]] hold_mode \\
 +[[set]] hold_interval \\
 +The hold_mode script implements backwards compatability for ircII users
 +who were used to /SET HOLD_MODE and /SET HOLD_INTERVAL,​ which do not exist
 +in the client. ​ Previously, these [[set]]s existed and acted upon all windows
 +globally, but these days the client controls hold_mode on each window ​
 +individually. ​ By loading this script, you can get the old ircII behavior.
 +When you /SET HOLD_MODE, then all of the windows in the client will have
 +their [[window hold_mode|hold mode]] changed to the new value; when you 
 +/SET HOLD_INTERVAL,​ all of the windows in the client will have their
 +[[window hold_interval|hold interval]] changed ot the new value; when 
 +you create a new window, it will automatically inherit the current global
 +The default value is /SET HOLD_MODE OFF, and /SET HOLD_INTERVAL 10.
 +You need to do [[set hold_slider]] 100 to get the full effect of ircII'​s
 +hold mode system.
 +This script first appeared in epic4-1.1.13.
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