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 +# $EPIC: glob.txt,v 1.4 2007/03/02 02:32:04 jnelson Exp $
 +$__glob__(<​file glob pattern>​)
 +The <file glob pattern> argument is a [[what is a word|dword]] which is 
 +different than most functions.
 +This function is used to find filenames that are matched by specified
 +patterns. ​ This function is controlled by a compile time option, so it
 +may not be available on every installation. ​ Multiple patterns may be
 +specified. ​ Hidden files (dot-files) are not displayed unless a glob
 +pattern beginning with a dot is given.
 +This function gives the client the file globbing abilities of modern
 +Unix command shells. ​ It will attempt to find any file or directory
 +names matching the given glob pattern. ​ This is highly useful for
 +listing files, or finding files with similar names.
 +list of files matching input glob pattern, nothing if none match
 +$glob(~/​*) ​   returns all non-hidden files in your home directory
 +$glob(*) ​     returns all non-hidden files in your current directory
 +$glob(.*) ​    ​returns all hidden files in your current directory
 +$glob(f*) ​    ​returns all non-hidden files that start with "​f"​ in cwd
 +This function may not be present in all clients. ​ A compile-time option
 +is available to disable it.  The function is present if the string
 +returned by $[[info function|info]](o) has a "​g"​ in it.
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