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 +[[Welcome]] to EPIC!
 +EPIC is an irc client. ​ There are many irc clients, many of which are very
 +nice.  How do you know if EPIC is right for you?
 +  * EPIC is a traditional ircII client with the ircII programming language and user interface, but can interface with Perl, Ruby, and TCL for extensions.
 +  * EPIC is still maintained and has an active community of friendly people (irc is about socializing,​ after all!)
 +  * EPIC has low requirements for memory and CPU, which is nice for multi-user servers.
 +  * EPIC is focused on staying out of your way -- a lot of clients have ideas about how you should use irc, and can be cranky if you want to do something it doesn'​t anticipate. ​ EPIC is completely open ended and programmable.
 +Come visit us on #epic on EFNet! ​ We'd love to get to know you.
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