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 +EPIC functions are very similar to those of common procedural languages
 +- they have arguments and they return a value. There are many different
 +kinds of functions - ones that manipulate strings, ones that retrieve
 +information from the client, ones that perform math operations et
 +This page groups all functions present in the EPIC client based on their domain.
 +For a more general guide to programming EPIC, see the [[programming|programming
 +in EPIC]] guide.
 +=====Extracting substrings from strings=====
 +|[[after]] |get the part after a certain character |
 +|[[before]] |get the part before a certain characters |
 +|[[chop]] |remove final character(s)|
 +|[[left]] |get the first few characters|
 +|[[leftpc]] |get the first few characters, but only count printable characters |
 +|[[mid]] |get characters from the middle |
 +|[[rest]] |remove leading character(s)|
 +|[[right]] |get the final few characters|
 +=====String operations=====
 +|[[ascii]] |convert a string into a word list of ascii numbers|
 +|[[b64decode]] |recover string encoded in base64|
 +|[[b64encode]] |convert string into base64|
 +|[[center]] |center a string in given width |
 +|[[chr]] |convert a word list of ascii numbers into a string|
 +|[[count]] |count how many times a substring appears in a string |
 +|[[cparse]] |add colors without using %%^%%C |
 +|[[decode]] |recover string encoded in [[encode]]|
 +|[[deuhc]] |remove leading '​*!'​ or '​*!*@'​ from a string |
 +|[[encode]] |make a string suitable for being used as a variable name |
 +|[[getopt]] |parse a command line for an alias requiring command-line switches |
 +|[[index]] |locate a character in a string |
 +|[[insert]] |inject a substring into a string |
 +|[[isalpha]] |is the character a letter? |
 +|[[isdigit]] |is the character a digit?|
 +|[[isnumber]] |is the string a number? |
 +|[[msar]] |replace multiple patterns in a string |
 +|[[nohighlight]] |strip control-codes from a string |
 +|[[numlines]] |calculate how many lines a string would occupy on the screen |
 +|[[pad]] |fill a string with a character until it reaches certain length |
 +|[[pass]] |leave only specified characters in a string |
 +|[[printlen]] |length of a string without formatting characters |
 +|[[repeat_function|repeat]] |repeat a string a number of times |
 +|[[reverse]] |print a string backwards |
 +|[[rindex]] |locate a character in a string starting from the right |
 +|[[rsubstr]] |search for a substring beginning from the end of a string |
 +|[[sar]] |replace a pattern in a string |
 +|[[shiftbrace]] |remove the braced expression from the beginning of a string |
 +|[[split]] |split a string into multiple words |
 +|[[stripansicodes]] |strip ANSI codes (DUH!) |
 +|[[stripansi]] |convert non-printable characters to printable ones |
 +|[[stripcrap]] |remove various types of unwanted characters |
 +|[[stripc]] |strip %%^%%C'​s from a string |
 +|[[strip]] |strip given characters from a string |
 +|[[strlen]] |length of a string |
 +|[[strtol]] |convert a number to given base|
 +|[[substr]] |search for a substring in a string |
 +|[[tolower]] |convert a string to lowercase |
 +|[[toupper]] |convert a string to uppercase |
 +|[[tr]] |transpose characters |
 +|[[uhc]] |finish an incomplete //​nick!user@host//​ pattern |
 +|[[urldecode]] |de-mangle $[[urlencode]]()d text |
 +|[[urlencode]] |mangle a string to the form usual of URLs|
 +=====Word operations=====
 +|[[afterw]] |words after a matching pattern |
 +|[[beforew]] |words before a matching pattern |
 +|[[chngw]] |change a word|
 +|[[common]] |logical AND on words in two lists |
 +|[[diff]] |logical XOR on words in two lists |
 +|[[findw]] |find word's index in a word list |
 +|[[fromw]] |rest of a word list beginning with some word|
 +|[[indextoword]] |word basing on string index |
 +|[[insertw]] |insert a word at given index |
 +|[[leftw]] |amount of words starting at the beginning |
 +|[[maxlen]] |length of a longest word in a word list |
 +|[[midw]] |extract a range of words in a word list |
 +|[[notw]] |exclude a word index from a word list |
 +|[[numsort]] |sort a word list using a numerical compare function |
 +|[[numwords]] |show an amount of words in a word list |
 +|[[pop_function|pop]] |cut the last word off of a variable and return it |
 +|[[prefix]] |common initial substring of given words |
 +|[[push_function|push]] |append a word to a variable |
 +|[[remws]] |remove words from a word list |
 +|[[remw]] |remove a word from a word list |
 +|[[restw]] |print the rest of a word list beginning at a word index |
 +|[[revw]] |word list in reverse order |
 +|[[rightw]] |amount of last words in a word list |
 +|[[shift function|shift]] |trim the last word of a variable and return it |
 +|[[sort]] |sort a word list |
 +|[[splice]] |return a range of words from a word list|
 +|[[tow]] |return words up to given word |
 +|[[uniq]] |remove duplicates from a word list |
 +|[[unshift_function|unshift]] |prepend a word to a variable |
 +|[[unsplit]] |undo a $[[split]]() |
 +|[[wordtoindex]] |return a word position of given index |
 +|[[word]] |return a word from a word list based on its index|
 +=====Math functions=====
 +|[[abs]] |absolute value of a number |
 +|[[acosh]] |hyperbolic cosine of a number |
 +|[[acos]] |arc cosine of a number |
 +|[[asinh]] |inverse hyperbolic sine of a number |
 +|[[asin]] |principal value in radians of the arc sine of a number |
 +|[[atanh]] |inverse hyperbolic tangent of a number |
 +|[[atan]] |principal value in radians of the arc tangent of a number |
 +|[[ceil]] |smallest integer that is greater than or equal to a number |
 +|[[cosh]] |hyperbolic cosine of a number |
 +|[[cos]] |cosine of the angle of a number |
 +|[[exp]] |value of //e// raised to a value of a number |
 +|[[floor]] |largest integer that is less than or equal to a number |
 +|[[jn]] |bessel function of the first kind |
 +|[[log10]] |base-10 logarithm of a number |
 +|[[log_function|log]] |natural logarithm of a number |
 +|[[sinh]] |hyperbolic sine of a number |
 +|[[sin]] |sine of the angle of given number'​s radians |
 +|[[tanh]] |hyperbolic tangent of a number |
 +|[[tan]] |tangent of the angle of given number'​s radians |
 +|[[tobase]] |convert a number to given base |
 +|[[yn]] |linearly independant bessel function of the second kind|
 +=====Time info=====
 +|[[stime]] |human readable form of unix time |
 +|[[strftime]] |format date and time |
 +|[[tdiff]] |how much time has elapsed? |
 +|[[tdiff2]] |shorter version of the above |
 +|[[time_function|time]] |unix timestamp |
 +|[[utime_function|utime]] |unix timestamp with microseconds|
 +=====Pattern matching=====
 +|[[copattern]] |words in a var2 corresponding to matched words in var1 |
 +|[[filter]] |remove words matching a pattern |
 +|[[globi]] |case-insensitive filename globbing|
 +|[[glob]] |filename globbing |
 +|[[mask]] |bantype pattern for a mask |
 +|[[match]] |match words with multiple patterns |
 +|[[pattern]] |return words matched by a pattern |
 +|[[regex]] |description of regexp functions |
 +|[[rfilter]] |return patterns not matching a word |
 +|[[rmatch]] |match a word against many patterns |
 +|[[rpattern]] |patterns that match a word|
 +=====Server operations=====
 +|[[cipher]] |retrieve the ssl cipher name from a SSL-enabled server|
 +|[[isaway]] |check whether you're away|
 +|[[isconnected]] |check whether a server is fully connected |
 +|[[isencrypted]] |check whether a server is SSL-enabled|
 +|[[myservers]] |list open server connections |
 +|[[notify_function|notify]] |toggle the notify feature for a server |
 +|[[serverctl]] |generic interface to serverlist |
 +|[[serverwin]] |current window for a server |
 +|[[servports]] |local and remote ports for a server connection |
 +|[[usermode]] |your umode on a server |
 +|[[version_function|version]] |server'​s version class|
 +=====Channel info=====
 +|[[chanmode]] |channel mode for given channel |
 +|[[channel_function|channel]] |list of users on channels with their chanmodes |
 +|[[chanusers]] |synonym for $[[onchannel]]() |
 +|[[chops]] |list of channel operators|
 +|[[ischannel]] |is the string a valid channel name? |
 +|[[ischanop]] |is the user a chanop? |
 +|[[ischanvoice]] |is the user a voice?|
 +|[[iscurchan]] |is the channel current in its window? |
 +|[[ishalfop]] |is the user a halfop? |
 +|[[key]] |fetch a key for a channel |
 +|[[mychannels]] |channels you're on |
 +|[[nochops]] |list of users without any chanmodes on a channel |
 +|[[numonchannel]] |number of users on a channel |
 +|[[onchannel]] |check whether a user is on a channel or print a list of all users on a channel |
 +|[[userhost_function|userhost]] |retrieve user's host from inside an /[[on]] hook or from client'​s internal [[WHO]] cache|
 +=====Display operations=====
 +|[[chanwin]] |return the window a channel belongs to or window'​s current channel |
 +|[[curpos]] |position of the cursol on the input line |
 +|[[currchans]] |current channels for refnums |
 +|[[geom]] |return dimensions of the terminal |
 +|[[getcap]] |return data from terminfo or termcap database|
 +|[[lastlog_function|lastlog]] |list of scrollback lines matching a pattern |
 +|[[levelwindow]] |return a window having given level for a server |
 +|[[line]] |retrieve the actual line from a scrollback buffer |
 +|[[notifywindows]] |list of hidden windows with background activity |
 +|[[outputinfo]] |return a level and target for given message |
 +|[[querywin]] |active query in given window|
 +|[[status_function|status]] |return a status bar for a window |
 +|[[winchan]] |alias for $[[chanwin]]() |
 +|[[windowctl]] |generic interface to window list |
 +|[[winquery]] |return the window for given query|
 +=====Array operations=====
 +|[[delarray]] |delete an array completely |
 +|[[delitem]] |delete an item from an array |
 +|[[finditem]] |find an item in an array |
 +|[[getarrays]] |display names of all arrays|
 +|[[getitem]] |retrieve an item from an array |
 +|[[getmatches]] |return items in an array matching a pattern |
 +|[[gettmatch]] |returns an array item best matching the pattern |
 +|[[igetmatches]] |retrieve all items of an array matching given pattern |
 +|[[indextoitem]] |sorted array index basing on array index |
 +|[[itemtoindex]] | array index basing on a sorted array index |
 +|[[matchitem]] |match all array against a pattern |
 +|[[numarrays]] |total number of created arrays |
 +|[[numitems]] |number of items in given array |
 +|[[rmatchitem]] |match an array item against multiple patterns |
 +|[[setitem]] |add or modify an item in an array|
 +=====File I/O=====
 +|[[close]] |close a file descriptor |
 +|[[eof]] |check whether if we're at the end of a file |
 +|[[fsize]] |return the size of a file |
 +|[[ftime]] |return the time when a file was last modified |
 +|[[open]] |open a file for reading or writing |
 +|[[read]] |read a line or an arbitrary amount of data from a file |
 +|[[writeb]] |write an amount of bytes into a file |
 +|[[write]] |write a line to a file|
 +=====Client operations=====
 +|[[aliasctl]] |generic interface to [[alias command|aliases]] |
 +|[[bindctl]] |generic interface to [[bind|keybindings]] |
 +|[[builtin_expando]] |return a value of a builtin expando |
 +|[[cexist]] |check whether a builtin command exists |
 +|[[dccctl]] |generic interface to [[DCC]] |
 +|[[epic]] |check whether the client is a Genuine EPIC (tm) |
 +|[[fnexist]] |check whether a builtin function exists |
 +|[[getcommands]] |get a list of all commands |
 +|[[getfunctions]] |get a list of all functions |
 +|[[getsets]] |get a list of all /[[set]]s |
 +|[[getset]] |get a value of a /[[set]] |
 +|[[hookctl]] |generic interface to [[hook|hooks]]|
 +|[[idle]] |returns how long ago you pressed a key |
 +|[[ignorectl]] |generic interface to ignores |
 +|[[info_function|info]] |information about how the client was compiled |
 +|[[irclib]] |returns a path to the irc library the client is using |
 +|[[isdisplaying]] |checks whether /[[echo]] will actually output a string |
 +|[[logctl]] |generic interface to logs |
 +|[[ssl]] |check whether the client was compiled with SSL support |
 +|[[timerctl]] |generic interface to [[timer|timers]]|
 +=====Network operations=====
 +|[[connect_function|connect]] |open a TCP connection to a remote host|
 +|[[convert]] |convert a hostname to an IP address and vice versa |
 +|[[iptolong]] |convert an IP address to a long |
 +|[[iptoname]] |convert an IP address to its reverse DNS |
 +|[[listen]] |listen on a local port |
 +|[[longtoip]] |convert a long to an IP |
 +|[[nametoip]] |convert a hostname to an IP address|
 +=====System operations=====
 +|[[chmod]] |change file's permissions |
 +|[[crypt]] |hash a password |
 +|[[exec_function|exec]] |spawn a new process and read its output |
 +|[[fexist]] |check whether a file exists |
 +|[[getenv]] |return an environment variable of EPIC's process |
 +|[[getgid]] |return EPIC's group ID |
 +|[[getlogin]] |return the username of a user running EPIC |
 +|[[getpgrp]] |return the process group ID of EPIC |
 +|[[getuid]] |return the uid of a user running EPIC |
 +|[[killpid]] |kill a process ID |
 +|[[mkdir]] |create a new directory |
 +|[[pid]] |return EPIC's pid |
 +|[[ppid]] |return EPIC's parent process'​ PID |
 +|[[realpath]] |return a real path (with relative paths, '​..'​ and symlinks resolved) of given file |
 +|[[rename]] |rename a file |
 +|[[rmdir]] |remove a directory |
 +|[[srand]] |seed the random number generator |
 +|[[stat]] |get information about a file |
 +|[[ttyname]] |get the terminal device currently used by EPIC |
 +|[[twiddle]] |return a home directory for a user |
 +|[[umask]] |set the umask |
 +|[[uname]] |return various informations from system'​s uname |
 +|[[unlink]] |remove a file|
 +=====External scripting languages=====
 +|[[perlcall]] |
 +|[[perl_function]] |
 +|[[perlxcall]] |
 +|[[ruby function]] |
 +|[[tcl function]] |
 +|[[functioncall]] |check whether your alias is running as a command or as a function |
 +|[[hash_32bit]] |hash a string into a 32bit integer |
 +|[[jot]] |return an integer range |
 +|[[loadinfo]] |return information from inside a /​[[LOAD|loading]] script |
 +|[[metric_time]] |current time in the metric system |
 +|[[pipe_function|pipe]] |execute a function and read its output |
 +|[[randread]] |return a random line from a file |
 +|[[rand]] |return a random integer |
 +|[[sedcrypt]] |encrypt a string using SED |
 +|[[sha256]] |hash a string using SHA256 |
 +|[[startupfile]] |name of the file loaded as a startup script |
 +|[[trunc]] |truncate a floating-point number to given degree of decimal precision |
 +|[[which_function|which]] |full path to a script located in [[set load path|LOAD_PATH]] |
 +|[[xdebug_function|xdebug]] |debugging function|
 +|[[asciiq]] |
 +|[[chrq]] |
 +|[[encryptparm]] |
 +|[[findws]] ​ |
 +|[[fix_arglist]] |
 +|[[floodinfo]] |
 +|[[getserial]] |
 +|[[isfilevalid]] |
 +|[[joinstr]] |
 +|[[nopaste]] |
 +|[[scan]] |
 +|[[shiftbrace]] |
 +|[[symbolctl]] |
 +|[[usetitem]] |
 +|[[xform]] |
 +|[[mktime]] |
 +|[[corfilter]] |
 +|[[cofilter]] |
 +|[[corpattern]] |
 +|[[delitems]] |
 +|[[finditems]] |
 +|[[getrmatches]] |
 +|[[ifindfirst]] |
 +|[[ifinditems]] |
 +|[[ifinditem]] |
 +|[[igetitem]] |
 +|[[igetrmatches]] |
 +|[[listarray]] |
 +|[[ferror]] |
 +|[[frewind]] |
 +|[[fseek]] |
 +|[[fskip]] |
 +|[[ftruncate]] |
 +|[[dbmctl]] |
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