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 +# $EPIC: epic-crypt-gpg.txt,​v 1.1 2007/02/22 05:07:29 jnelson Exp $
 +This is a (bash) shell script that can be used as an external program
 +with the client'​s external [[encrypt]]ion program support. ​ Both the
 +sender and receiver must be [[encrypt]]ing with each other using this
 +script as the external cipher program.
 +This script ciphers the messages you send and receive between each 
 +other, but without ascii-armoring,​ so the messages generated with this
 +script cannot be sent over irc.
 +The utility of this script has been somewhat obviated because the client
 +now features built in strong cryptography. ​ However, the facility to use
 +an external script (modeled after this script) is still present and could
 +be used for specific botique encryption needs.
 +This script first appeared in epic4-1.1.3.
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