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Egg Nog Pie


Egg Nog pie is a yummy seasonal no-bake pie. Preparation takes about 10 minutes, plus a lot of waiting around. Time from start to eating is about 8 hours. Makes one 10 inch (25cm) pie.

High Level Deliverables

Amount Deliverable
2 cups Egg Nog Pudding (instructions below)
2 cups Whipped Cream (instructions below)
10 inch Graham Cracker Crust (sorry, no instructions below)


Amount Item
1 Small bowl (4 oz or 100mL)
2 Mixing bowls (2 Quarts or 2L)
1 Sauce Pan
1 Hand Mixer


Put the egg nog pudding in a large mixing bowl. Whip with a wisk until it is an even texture. There must not be any hints of lumps or clumps.

Gently fold in the whipped cream in small portions – plop a dallop of cream and then use a rubber scraper to fold the pudding over the cream.

Use a ladel to transfer the creamed pudding into the pie crust. Your mixture should be thick like pudding, not runny like cream.

Put it in the fridge overnight. (at least 4 hours)

Egg Nog Pudding

What you need

Amount Ingredient
1 Envelope (7g) Unflavored gelatin
2T (30mL) Cold water
2 Cups (500mL) Egg Nog

What you do

Put the cold water in a small bowl and then sprinkle (gently!) the gelatin into the water. Stir it around (gently!) and then let it sit for 15 minutes. Rake the gelatin (gently!) into small clumps with a fork.

While you wait, warm up the Egg Nog in a sauce pan on low heat. You want it nicely warm, but not hot.

Add the gelatin to the egg nog, and continue heating until the gelatin is entirely dissolved and there's no trace of it. About 3 to 5 minutes for me.

Put this mixture into a medium sized mixing bowl and refridgerate until it is set. About 2 hours for me.

Whipped Cream

What you need

Amount Ingredient
1 Cup (250mL) Heavy Whipping Cream (Not whipped cream)
1/4 Cup (60mL) Sugar
1/2t (2.5mL) Almond Extract
1t (5mL) Rum Extract
1/4t (1mL) Salt

What you do

Put the cream in a large mixing bowl and whisk it (I use an electric mixer). Pour in the sugar and continue whisking until the cream is no longer runny (at least a couple of minutes). Put the now-whipped cream in a medium size mixing bowl and put it in the fridge and wait for your egg nog pudding to finish.

Just before you add it to the egg nog pudding, add the Almond and Rum extracts, and the salt, and then whisk it one last time to make sure it's nice and fluffy.

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