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 +__echo__ [<​anything>​]
 +This command prints its arguments back to the screen. ​ That's it.  It
 +is useful for printing status messages from inside scripts, or inside
 +hooks for redefining server messages.
 +The [[ECHO]] command is also the only command (one of two, actually; see
 +[[XECHO]]) that can write to the screen when [[set DISPLAY]] is off. [[ECHO]]
 +now has no length limitation, it can display any string within the confines of
 +======Other Notes:​======
 +[[ECHO]] will not normally expand variables unless it is used inside an alias.
 +To force expansion, use [[EVAL]] or set [[set INPUT_ALIASES|INPUT_ALIASES]] on.
 +This is not a bug, it is an intentional feature common to all commands.
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