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 +#$EPIC: dump.txt,v 2006/07/11 04:57:43 jnelson Exp $
 +__dump__ [all|alias|var|on]
 +This mass-deletes all of your aliases, assigns (variables) and/or ons.
 +This can be useful if a script is trying to reload and wants to know
 +that there is nothing else that will interfere with it, without having
 +to restart epic.  It can also be used to completely wipe away all of the
 +scripts that epic loads by default when you start up.
 +"​ALL"​ is the default argument and it deletes everything -- aliases,
 +assigns, and ons.
 +This command does not change any files (such as your .ircrc), it only
 +affects the client'​s current state.
 +|alias ​     |purges all aliases in memory ​              |
 +|var        |purges all assigns (variables) in memory ​  |
 +|on         ​|purges all hooks in memory ​                |
 +|all        |all of the above                           |
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