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 +# $EPIC: reconnect_script.txt,​v 1.2 2007/03/01 03:26:44 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] reconnect \\
 +/set auto_reconnect ON \\
 +/set auto_reconnect_retries <​number>​ \\
 +/set auto_reconnect_delay <​number>​ \\
 +This script implements an auto-reconnect-to-server facility which previously
 +used to be built into the client.
 +Whenever you are disconnected from a server, if /set auto_reconnect is ON
 +(the default), then the client will wait for /set auto_reconnect_delay ​
 +seconds (default is 60), and then automatically reconnect to the server.
 +After /set auto_reconnect_retries consecutive failures (default is 0 --
 +unlimited number of retries), the client will stop trying to reconnect ​
 +to that server.
 +When you succesfully reconnect to the server, the script will rejoin the
 +channels you were in when you disconnected.
 +You can abort all pending reconnections with /​rmreconnect.
 +Changing /set auto_reconnect_delay does not affect any reconnects that are
 +already being delayed, but only new reconnects in the future.
 +This script was written by nullie and kreca and first appeared in epic5-0.3.1.
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