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 +__push__ <​variable name> <​word>​ \\
 +__pop__ ​ <​variable name>
 +__PUSH__ appends the given word to the given variable, padded
 +with a single space. ​ The variable name itself may not contain a
 +leading '​$';​ the command uses the variable itself, not the expanded
 +contents. ​ If the variable does not exist, it is created containing
 +the given word(s) (just as if [[ASSIGN]] were used).
 +Just as with the [[push]] function, if [[xdebug]] dword is turned on, then
 +<​word>​ is treated as **one word** and it will be double quoted by the client
 +before it is appended to the variable. ​ If [[xdebug]] dword is turned off,
 +then you get the epic4 behavior.
 +__POP__ is the exact opposite of __PUSH__, in that it pops off the last word
 +in the variable. ​ If there is only one word in the variable, the
 +variable is deleted. ​ Both __PUSH__ and __POP__ are functionally equivalent
 +to the $[[push function|push]]() and $[[pop function|pop]]() functions, respectively.
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