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 +# $EPIC: part.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/19 03:58:07 sthalik Exp $
 +__part__ <​channel>​|* [<part message>​]
 +When you wish to leave a channel, you "​[[PART]]"​ it.  After you have parted a channel you are no longer a member of that channel, you are no longer a channel operator or a channel voice, and you will no longer
 +receive any messages sent to the channel.  ​
 +The "​magic"​ channel, star ("​*"​),​ is a shorthand for your current window'​s current channel.
 +The built-in [[PART]] lets you use * as the channel, or a comma-separated list of channel names.
 +It does not let you mix * with channel names.  ​
 +Most scripts (including [[2.8script]]) replace [[PART]] with an alias that doesn'​t have this limitation.
 +The rest of the channel will be told you have left.
 +Most servers support a "part message"​ which is included in that channel message.  ​
 +This is an extension to the protocol, so it's not supported everywhere.
 +To leave channel #foobar with a reason:
 +      /part #foobar I'm going to #fubar, it's cooler!
 +To leave your current channel:
 +      /part *
 +To leave channels #foo and #bar at the same time:
 +      /part #foo,#bar
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