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 +=====How to Use Key Bindings in EPIC=====
 +One of the strengths of this client is its /[[bind]] command. ​ It permits any
 +key or sequences of keys to be bound to any arbitrary action. ​ You are most
 +likely already familiar with using keyboard shortcuts with other programs.
 +The general allowable key sequences that may be bound are as follows:
 +^  Sequence ​  ​^ ​      ​Description ​                                                                              ^
 +|c            |any single character may be bound (case sensitive) ​                                              |
 +|%%^c%% ​      |any letter (case insensitive) may be bound as a control key, as well as any of:  ? [ ] \ %%^%% @ |
 +|\c           |any single character may be escaped, except digits which are handled specially (see below) ​      |
 +|\nnn         |any single character may be represented in octal form                                            |
 +|...          |and any sequence of the above. ​                                                                  |
 +Refer to the [[BIND]] command in section 4 for more information.
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