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 +# $EPIC: channel_function.txt,​v 1.2 2006/07/17 19:41:50 sthalik Exp $
 +$__channel__(<​channel name>)
 +This function returns some extended information about who's on a channel.
 +It returns a sorted list of nicknames prepended by two characters. If a
 +<channel name> is not supplied, the current channel will be assumed.
 +Space-separated list in the form: OVnick, where O is channel operator
 +status and V is channel voice status. Their values are as follows.
 +O:    '​@'​ if chanop, '​%'​ if half-op, '​.'​ if not, '?'​ if we don't know.
 +V:    '​+'​ if voice, ​ '​.'​ if not, ' ​               ?' if we don't know.
 +This is mostly useful for writing scripts that format and display the
 +nicks of everyone in a channel.
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