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 +# $EPIC: delitems.txt,​v 1.2 2007/02/27 04:57:37 jnelson Exp $
 +$delitems(<​array>​ <​item#>​ [<​item#>​ ...])
 +This function is used to delete multiple entries from an array created with
 +$[[setitem]](). ​ If the items you delete are all of the items in the array,
 +the array is deleted too.  For any item you delete from the array,
 +all items beyond it (with higher item numbers) are shifted down
 +by one to fill in the gap.
 +This puts the array into "​unsorted mode" which means the overhead ​
 +associating with re-sorting the array doesn'​t happen until the next 
 +time you try to get an item.  This makes it more efficient than 
 +[[delitem]] in a loop.
 +This function is used to delete multiple items from an array. ​ The uses 
 +for this are pretty obvious. ​ If you add items to an array, it follows ​
 +that you might want to remove them, too.
 +   ​-2 ​  if the item does not exist in the array
 +   ​-1 ​  if the array does not exist
 +    0   on success
 +  $delitem(array 2)             ​deletes item 2 from array "​array"​
 +  $delitem(fake_array 4)        error, "​fake_array_ does not exist
 +  $delitem(array -2)            error, item -2 does not exist
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